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Levels To This: Gestational Hypertension

Short Post in our pregnancy and blood pressure series...

Nobody ever wants to be basic, but when it comes to pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, basic is where you want to be. In this category there is no spilling of protein into your urine or severe range blood pressures or abnormal labs. Typically, there are only elevated blood pressures in the range of 140-159/90-109 mmHg. Women with this condition do not have any symptoms or lab abnormalities. If a woman has two elevated blood pressures at least 4-6 hours apart then she has this diagnosis and should typically be delivered at term or 37 weeks. Many times women receive this diagnosis while they are preterm and that requires them to have additional monitoring. Your baby will be placed on the monitor for at least 20 minutes 1-2 times per week and you will get labs checked weekly to ensure that the Gestational Hypertension does not transform into Preeclampsia. With this diagnosis it is important to be vigilant about your symptoms, that lightning could always still strike.

The key lesson here is that anything could change at any moment. Pregnancy-induced hypertension can evolve and skip steps. Some women show up to the hospital with eclampsia, while some women are diagnosed with gestational hypertension and it morphs into preeclampsia. The key is to stay in a doctor’s care and be seen regularly if you are diagnosed with gestational hypertension.

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