Jabina Coleman, MSW, IBCLC

"Breastfeeding Awareness & Empowerment"

Pronouns:  ​She/Her

Origin: Queens, NY/ Jamaica

Specialty: Lactation Consultant

Black Panther Character

I Identify With:

Tchalla. I'm a boss!

About Jabina Coleman

Jabina G. Coleman is a Licensed Social Worker and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She received her bachelors of science for the Pennsylvania State University and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. Jabina has dedicated over a decade to serving women, children, and families throughout the Philadelphia region. Jabina engages with communities through her work as the owner of Life House Lactation & Perinatal Services, LLC, where she provides lactation consultation services and reproductive psychotherapy with a focus on perinatal mental health. She also serves as the co-founder and president of Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color, unifying professionals of color to support communities’ perinatal mental health needs. Additionally, Jabina is the co-founder of Breastfeeding Awareness & Empowerment (BAE), a grassroots organization created in response to the public outcry surrounding adverse perinatal health outcomes for U.S. black families. Jabina is a dynamic, national speaker spearheading the call to action: Everyone wants to hold the baby, who will hold the mother? Her professional experiences in hospital social work, community organizing and engagement, and private-practice has drawn many to her for mentorship and leadership. Jabina uses her personal and professional experiences to inspire, and promote emotional wellness and balance among her peers.