About Us


All of a sudden the monitor was being snatched up, my bed was rolling down the hall, and I was terrified. I had delivered babies. I was a doctor. And I was a black woman who had labored for 22 hours with multiple complications.  I knew what was coming next but I could not speak for myself or my child who was in danger. Yet I was incredibly fortunate as my doctor-doula helped me to speak for myself. My co-founder Dr Joy Cooper had answered every text message, every late night call, and in the midst of our emergency c-section and the recovery, she helped us navigate a healthcare system that was not built for me.  Culture Care was born out of our own privilege---the ability to phone a friend.


In a healthcare system where patients often wait to see physicians only to leave the interaction feeling lost and unheard, there has to be an alternative.  We became doctors to build relationships with patients and to help them understand their medical options alongside the realities of their lives. As physicians, sisters, mothers, friends, we want to provide access to care that is right-sized for individuals and their lived experience.


We are Culture Care

Monique Smith, MD, MSc, DLSHTM

Joy Cooper MD, MSc, DLSHTM