Culturally connecting women with physicians

Stop leaving the doctors office with questions and get trusted advice from physicians culturally similar to you.

Join Culture Care!

We're excited to open Culture Care to all who want to join! You may be limited by state, in terms of what doctors can see you, but come in. We are open!


Our culture impacts our care

You are in better hands in the care of your own culture. Studies show that black patients are happier and healthier with black doctors, but only 4% of doctors are black. We can help you get the best possible care.



Chat with a doctor that understands

Have questions about your health?  Reach out and connect with our elite cadre of physicians. Trained at institutions from Harvard to Howard, our physicians deliver a uniquely personalized care experience you can rely on.

Feeling pushed aside? You determine the price and length of the visit, we listen, ask questions, and provide a plan of action rooted in your concerns.


Need a second opinion? Not only can Culture Care physicians help, but we will also advise you on how to talk to your medical team and what questions to ask. 

You set the terms, we meet them

Effortlessly connect with physicians around your work and life. You set the price, choose the method of contact, and determine the time you spend with the doctor. Stop reacting to your healthcare and take back control!


Doctor's orders

Stay current on medical advice, trends, new treatments, and everything else you need to know to get the best medical care for YOU.

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